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A partnership of bus, metro, train & ferry companies in Tyne and Wear.
A partnership of bus, metro, train & ferry companies in Tyne and Wear. Menu
Purchasing Your Mobile Tickets

M Ticket Terms & Conditions

This should be read in conjunction with Network One Terms and Conditions


• To use mobile tickets with the App you must register and verify an account with your chosen ticket provider.
• You may only login to one device at a time. Should you damage your device and are unable to log out of your account please contact your chosen ticket provider.
• One copy of the App may be installed per device only. You must not install more than one copy of the App under different names.

Purchase of Tickets

• Tickets purchased using the App are delivered instantly and, once purchased, cannot be altered.
• Mobile tickets purchased are locked to your registered device and cannot be transferred, copied or moved to another device.
• In the event of a change in mobile phone number or handset please contact your chosen ticket provider

Activation and Use

• Network One tickets bought on the Arriva, Go North East or Stagecoach Apps may be used on all forms of public transport in Tyne and Wear in line with the terms and conditions
of Network One.
• Tickets are downloaded to your registered mobile device via the internet and must be refreshed periodically by using the App while your device is online whether the tickets are
activated or not. Provided your device has been online recently, you do not need to be online to activate and use tickets, however you must be prepared to take your device online
at the request of a company official.
• You must activate your ticket by the activation date specified on the ticket.
• You must ensure that the clock on your phone is synced with the time on the mobile phone network and you must not attempt to change the time or date on your phone to
extend the life of a ticket. You may be refused travel if the clock on your phone is not synced as described above.

Display to Company Staff

• By purchasing a mobile ticket you agree to cooperate fully with company officials and show your phone/ticket for inspection if asked to do so.
• Travel is only permitted where evidence of a valid ticket can be provided to the driver or shown at the Metro gate (if applicable) as you begin your journey. It is your responsibility
to ensure that your phone battery has enough power to last for your journey(s), so that the ticket can be shown to revenue protection staff if required.
• If you are unable to produce the ticket on your phone throughout your journey, you should pay the appropriate fare for your journey.


Refunds are not available for any Network One tickets bought on a mobile phone app.

Further information

Full detailed information on how to use the mobile app of your chosen ticket provider can be found at

Arriva –
Go North East –
Stagecoach –

Details correct at 10th May 2018