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A partnership of bus, metro, train & ferry companies in Tyne and Wear.
A partnership of bus, metro, train & ferry companies in Tyne and Wear. Menu

Terms & Conditions


Network One Travel Tickets are accepted by most bus operators, Metro, Sunderland to Blaydon rail line and the Shields ferry*. Just show your travel ticket and step on board.


There is no limit on the number of journeys which can be made within the validity of your travel ticket – so the more journeys you make, the more money you will save!

Travelling outside the zones on your travel ticket

You’ll need to pay the single fare from the last stopping point in the area covered by your travel ticket to your final destination. This also applies if your journey crosses the boundary of Tyne and Wear.


When renewing your travel ticket always check that you have the correct zones before you leave the Travelcentre or complete your purchase on the Metro ticket machine or Mobile app.


Your travel ticket will commence from the time and date of purchase and will remain valid until midnight on the expiry date. Travel tickets may be renewed up to three days prior to expiry, for example, a travel ticket which expires on a Saturday, may be renewed on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. These extra days will simply be added to your new travel ticket.  Please note this can only be done for tickets purchased at a Travelcentre.

If your travel ticket requirements change:

A travel ticket cannot be re-issued during its validity. Simply wait until the travel ticket is due for renewal. However, if you need to change your travel ticket before it expires you will have to buy a new travel ticket and hand in the old one for a refund.


Annual Tickets & Tickets For Students & Young People:

The travel ticket and accompanying photocard remain the property of Network Ticketing Ltd.

Travel tickets are only valid when presented with a photocard bearing the same number. You must show them together whenever requested.

Travel tickets are not transferable.

Travel tickets are only valid within the zones shown on the travel ticket.

A Weekly Travel Ticket is valid for 7 days, a Four Weekly Travel Ticket for 28 days and an Annual Travel Ticket for 365 days, all including the start date.

Ticket holders do not have precedence over other passengers.

Ticket holders are conveyed in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage and Passenger Regulations of the operator on whose bus, train, Metro or ferry he/she travels. In the event of misuse, both the travel ticket and photocard will be withdrawn.

Student and Young Peoples tickets can only be purchased when accompanied by a current Student ID or Young Peoples Card, stating that you are a student.

You must have your Student ID or Young Peoples Card with you when travelling.

Photocards must be a true likeness of the holder.

Please read the terms and conditions in conjunction with individual Network One leaflets containing the indicative zone map.

*Annual Travel Tickets are only available from Network One Head Office. Please contact for further information.


These are only given on surrendered travel tickets that are still valid.

Please send your ticket to: Network Ticketing Ltd, Stagecoach Depot, Shields Road, Walkergate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2BZ.

There is a standard procedure for refunds, which applies in all cases. The unused portion of a travel ticket will be refunded from the day after the date of posting. For weekly and four weekly travel tickets, this is calculated on a proportional basis using the weekly travel ticket price. Refunds are made by cheque to the travel ticket holder. An administration charge of £2.00 is made in all cases. Separate refund arrangements apply for Annual Travel Tickets, please ask for details at

Refunds are not available for M-Tickets.


We regret that no refund or replacement can be given for lost or stolen travel tickets.

A replacement travel ticket scheme is available for Annual travel tickets, please contact Network One at for more details. No replacement can be given for any travel ticket which has been rendered illegible due to washing, extreme heat or any other reason.

If you need assistance purchasing ANY of our travel tickets, please call us on 0191 276 3706 or email us at

For journey information, route planning or travel information contact Traveline on 0871 200 22 33** or visit

**Calls provided by BT will be charged at 10p per minute plus 6p set up fee per call. Mobile, business and other providers’ charges may vary. More details of charges.